Spring 2019

February 05, 2019

Spring 2019

We’ve been thinking about a new plaid for quite a while but still loving our original three plaids.  
Our Pia, Mae and Mina will always be part of our collections but we wanted something that was more fun, brighter and all about Spring Vibes.


Our Mae plaid does extremely well because I think it’s just classic.  The purple Pia Plaid is just our absolute most favorite color combination. Then finally Mina, our super special plaid because it’s a bit a dark but fun and goes well with so many outfits~!

We had so many fabric swatches but nothing really called out to us.  Then one evening we kept landing back on this one but it had PINK! In a way we felt it was contrary to the brand but then I said…’our brand is not anti-pink we just aren’t that into pink.”  To have this as a strappy sundress just to throw on Gabbie for a week would give us some perspective.


Once we ironed out the details, had a rough sketch, decided against pockets while bringing back the 100% cotton lining that just keeps them a little more cozy plus our signature buttons....

Well let me introduce everyone to our ‘Bri’ Plaid Dress and this gorgeous periwinkle blue just reminds me of blue skies and everything Spring.