Unique in every way...

Quality Tested Durable Lightweight Designs

Our plaids are made of 100 percent cotton. Each dress or shirt is super comfortable; it’s also lightweight, yet durable. We also made sure the colors stay vibrant after many washes.  Most of all we love to pair them with with our denim and run outside to play. 

Cozy, cool and comfy...

Our flannels colors and fabrics are all carefully chosen to make sure that they keep up with active little kids but to also keep them cool when it’s warm and warm when it’s cold outside.  Our brushed flannels lends itself to a wonderfully soft to the touch finish.  

It’s all about the details...

Our signature buttons are sure to make your little ones smile.  We want them looking adorable down to the tiniest details. 

Unique in every way...

We’ve handmade matching layered bow clips and one comes FREE with every purchase.  Every single bow clip is unique and no two are alike.  Perfect for every season.

A note from our Founder

Not About Pink - My Plaid Obsessed Diary

As a mom of two girls I am no stranger to all things pink.
I do love pink especially a pale or rosey shade, such a beautiful color with it matching right back to those cheeks that we all love. I mean who doesn’t love pink but do we have a bit too much of it?
In our house the things that were pink slowly turned to grays or neutrals. When I shopped for the girls I went straight for more unique shops that had less pink and more playful patterns.
I recall one Christmas where I obsessively looked for that perfect plaid dress and thought what if plaid was the new pink? So we set out to look for fun plaids in a flannel and we knew it had to be super soft! I already knew the style of dress I wanted and I had two girls (Gabbie just turning 1 and the other Allie who is 4 years told) to use as measure, fit models! We had prototypes made and fittings, then came the adjustments to the sizes and lengths. Then we put the dresses to the test. The girls wearing them for 2 weeks straight, romping around having fun with friends and not worrying about getting dirty. 
Flannel was meant to last and keep them warm in cool temperatures and cool when it’s warm outside.  The designs are all lined with 100% cotton to keep them super cozy and warm.
Our ruffle collar on our tops frame those little cheeks and that noggin. It all came together perfectly and a simple dress for the girls turned into a few for friends and a listing in Etsy but then why not our own website and an entire collection of plaid.  So here we are...

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